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“2011 Law&Science Young Scholars informal Symposium”, Pavia, 10 giugno 2011

Giugno 6th, 2011 by Giampaolo Azzoni

Organizzato dal “European Centre for Law, Science and New Technologies” (ECLT) di cui è Presidente Amedeo Santosuosso, venerdì 10 giugno si terrà a Pavia il “2011 Law&Science Young Scholars informal Symposium”.

Programma: 10giu_ys-2011.pdf

La opening lecture sarà tenuta da John Searle su “Language and the Social Reality”.

Seguiranno le seguenti relazioni:

Muhammad Nizam Awang: Risk Regulation, Safety and Emerging Paradigms in Food Regime: What’s Next for Nano-Food Sector?

Sara Azzini: Multilingualism in the field of science and the law: the challenge of the century

Sara Quiriconi: Drug Courts between Therapeutic Jurisprudence and Neurolaw. Some remarks on the disease model of addiction from a legal perspective

Jan Christoph Bublitz: Freedom of Thought in the Age of Neuroscience

Patrizio D’andrea: Genetic tests direct-to-consumer. From «informed consent» to «informed will»

Matteo Dragoni: Biosimilars regulation between safety and economic concerns: a comparative analysis

Rossana Ducato: Biobanks between Law and Technology: how to promote data sharing in the digital era

Orsetta Zuffardi: Genetic diagnosis: the first tier investigation?

Matteo Macilotti: Human tissues in three dimensions: material, informational and ethical

Katrina Sifferd: Changing the Criminal Character: Nanotechnology and Criminal Punishment

Barbara Bottalico, Tommaso Bruni: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Neuroscience and the Law

Daniele Ruggiu: Synthetic biology and human rights in Europe

Vishal Vijayvargiya: Bio Banks, Patents, Intellectual Property Rights in a comparative study between USA, Europe & India

Cecilia Zorzoli: Cryopreservation of embryos: the Italian situation in a European perspective

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